Posting Season 5 Spoilers For Glee!
Next year we’re doing 13 episodes [of Glee]. We’re coming to our last season. I’m incredibly proud of the ride that it’s taken us all on. It dealt with sensitive issues that adults and young people go through. I’m very proud to have been part of a show like that.

Hey guys, I just heard news that the 6th and final season of our beloved Glee will not be airing until early 2015 instead of September like we’re used to. Apparently the writers need time to make up a new way to reconfigure the season with the way the plot’s flowing as well as Cory’s death which changed the original plans for the finale. We are supposed to still get all 22 episodes. There are even rumors of having 24 episodes next season since this 5th season only had 20, but according to the rumors, we’ll have to wait extra for it.

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It was definitely a conscious choice on my part. I wanted Kurt to have a story that was his own. That wasn’t about his relationship with Blaine, or supporting someone else like Rachel. I really wanted him to have his own moment. I have to say, in my episode, Kurt and Blaine are completely fine. They’re completely happy, so if something does happen to them down the road, it’s not my fault. The fans don’t have to send me the angry tweets. Kurt and Blaine are fine in my episode.
Chris Colfer on Klaine in his epsiode (x)
Unless they plan a complete U-turn, I think he’ll definitely end up with Blaine, but I think a lot about Kurt, ever since we were introduced to him, is him trying to find happiness and validation from an outside source. Oh, if I have a boyfriend, it’ll validate me. If I have a best friend, it’ll validate me. If I have a leading role in a show, it’ll validate me. But I would really like, before the series ends, for him to find the validation within himself and for him to realize that happiness is going to come from him, not from someone else. That would be a happy ending for me
Chris Colfer on what he envisions for Kurt at the end of the series (x)

5.19 “Old Dog, New Tricks” Stills [source]

I think after having this experience in the retirement home and finding validation that he’s been looking for since he got to New York, he’s definitely in a happier mindset. I think fans are going to like the final episode because it gets pretty dramatic with Kurt and Blaine, but for the most part I think the season will end giving each character a nice season five send-off.
Chris Colfer teasing up the rest of the season for Kurt (x)


I feel like this picture is a metaphor. Like Fox or whoever released all the klaine pictures is Blaine and we’re the pigeons just eating it all up.


I really hope that Kurt and Blaine are talking about moving in with each other, since they’re sat on the stairs up to Mercedes apartment. 
The moment on the couch with the magazine I’m 99,9% sure is a wedding magazine (thank you google) I’m pretty sure is them planning their wedding, or at least talking about wedding stuff for future references.